Our Top 10 Apps for Preschoolers

Preschool Apps

There are literally thousands of apps on the market. It can be confusing and frustrating to find one that is appropriate for your preschooler. Here is our list of Top 10 Apps for Preschoolers.

1. My Play Home – This app is a lot of fun and kids just love it! It’s a playhouse complete with rooms, people and interactive objects. This app works on pronouns, action verbs, sequencing, naming objects, etc.

2. Zoo Train – Kids of all ages love trains. This app has 5 different games. Children can make choices and choose which animals ride the train and where they go (the farm, beach, city, etc). There is also a train track game which works on problem solving skills and a puzzle game that works on matching and visual perception. Another game included is a spelling game. Children can match letters and put them in the correct order to spell simple words. The last game is a musical one with different train whistles and songs. We love this app!

3. Bug Games – The same company that makes the Zoo Train app makes this one. There is a maze which works on problem solving and visual processing skills. A connect-the- dot game works on number identification and sequencing and a music game plays different songs. There is also a game for spelling simple words and completing puzzles.

4. Articulation Station – This is a great app for working on specific speech sounds. You can purchase the entire collection, or choose a few targeted sounds and buy them individually. The pictures are great and you can target sounds in different positions (the beginning, middle or end of words). The pictures are presented several different ways (flash cards, matching game, etc) – which makes it fun for kids.

5. Toca Boca Robot Lab – This is a fun app that children love. You get to create your own robot out of scrap pieces. Your robot looks different each time you do it. After you build your robot, you test it out by traveling through a maze, collecting stars and finding your way home. Great for sequencing skills, visual tracking, spatial relations, etc.

6. Bob Books – This is a great app to work on pre-literacy skills. There are 4 different levels that work on matching and sequencing letters to spell words. The pictures become animated after the words are completed. If your child needs help, visual cues are provided.

7. Lenord Furry Friend – This is a great interactive app. Lenord, our furry friend, imitates what is said and interacts with a variety of objects. Your child can help him pop a balloon, pop bubbles, tickle Lenord and give him something to eat and drink. This app works on cause-and-effect and social interactions.

8. Starfall ABC’s – This app is great for letter identification and phonics. Each letter is presented with a variety of games which encourage your child to identify and match letters and sounds.

9. Injini – This app has several games focusing on different developmental skills. The free version does include some good choices, but the paid version offers several different gaming levels. Games include matching, sequencing, color identification, animals, letter identification, etc.

10. Monkey Preschool Lunchbox – This app offers several different games. After a few games, children can put a sticker on the board. Skills targeted include matching, counting, identifying colors, identifying beginning letters, etc.

These are a few of our favorites and we use them during therapy sessions in addition to traditional therapy techniques. Apps can be a great addition to your child’s therapy protocol, but always check with your child’s therapist to make sure you are on the same page and working together.

Now It’s Your Turn: What are some of your child’s favorite apps?


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