All Aboard Zoo Train (An App Review)

Zoo Train
by Busy Bee Studios® is a delightful and interactive app for toddler s and preschoolers.  This app has 5 different games and activities targeting a variety of skills.

  1. Music – Train whistles provide a variety of tunes.  Children can select programmed songs such as Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star or they can touch the train whistles and create their own songs.
  2. Puzzles – Children can complete the targeted puzzles and then name the picture.  After each puzzle is completed, a train on the bottom of the screen moves closer to the station.
  3. Letter Matching – A train pulls a targeted word across the screen.  Children match letters to spell the targeted word, a picture of the word appears as well.
  4. Build a Train – Children place the tracks on the screen to build a train track.  This works on problem solving and spatial awareness skills.  After completing the train tracks, a colorful train appears and travels around the track.
  5. Zoo Train – This activity allows children to build their own train.  From the lion driving the engine to the different train cars with animals and the caboose, children are able to make choices to create their own unique train.  Then, they choose where the train is heading – to the beach, the city, the farm or the neighborhood!  The different choices and combinations allow children to be creative and works on increasing their expressive language skills.

This app is highly rated amongst parents, teachers and therapists and it’s easy to see why.  For only $0.99, this app provides a variety of learning opportunities for children to enjoy!

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