Hooked on Bob Books® – An App Review


Parents, teachers and therapists need to know about this wonderful app – Bob Books®.  Many of us may be familiar with the original books, but this app for the iPad and iPhone is amazing.  It is very easy to use and it teaches early phonics in a fun and interactive way.

There are 4 levels with 12 story boards in each level.  As you move through the story boards, each story gets a little harder, adding more words to the caption and more words to spell. The pictures start with black and white line drawings.  After the word is spelled, the pictures become colorful and animated.

Level 1:  After you tap the picture, the word is said and then the targeted word appears at the bottom of the screen in gray boxes.  Your child is able to move the letters around and match them to the correct sound.  The letters do not need to be placed in any particular order – just matched together.  Then, the word is sounded out again and the picture becomes animated.


Level 2: Same sequence as above, except the letters must be placed in order from left to right.  If you try to place a letter in the incorrect spot, it will bounce back and then you can try again.

Level 3:  Same sequence as above, except the letters in the gray boxes are gone at the bottom of the page.  New words are also added at this level.

Level 4:  Same sequence as above, except now extra letters appear on the screen that aren’t actually used in the word.  You’ll need to remember how to spell the words correctly.

This app has many benefits from a speech and language perspective.  Not only are children able to work on matching letters, they are also working on sequencing and increasing their pre-literacy skills by learning about the different sounds letters make and how to blend them together to form words. Building these skills early in life creates a firm foundation for reading and spelling skills later.

For more information about Bob Books, please visit their website http://bobbooks.com/

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