Caroline’s Cart

Going to the grocery store is an everyday chore we all have to do.  We run in, get the item, check out and leave.  If kids are with us, we plop them in the cart or let them drive the “race car.”

For families with children and adults with special needs, going to the grocery store can be a challenge.  People with special needs may have difficulty sitting in the typical shopping carts.  In addition, they soon outgrow them. Many stores have the option of the shopping carts that look like race cars, but these grocery carts don’t provide the support and safety all children may need.

Drew Ann Long, is the mother of a Caroline, a child with special needs.  She recognized the need for a shopping cart for children and adults with special needs – thus, Caroline’s Cart was created.   This shopping cart has the potential to change the lives of parents and caregivers across the country.  Caroline’s Cart has a 250 lb. weight limit, which allows it to be used by children and adults.

Caroline’s Cart has been specifically designed for those with special needs.  The handles swing back and forth to provide easy access to the seat.  The seat tilts for increased comfort and support for those with low muscle tone and it faces the caregiver.   There is also a 5 point adjustable harness to buckle the child/adult into the seat for added safety.  The bottom of the cart has a solid surface for full support of their feet and for storage of merchandise.  There are also side mounted basket hooks for extra carrying capacity.

In order for stores to start carrying Caroline’s Cart, we must spread the word and let them know that their customers have a need for Caroline’s Cart.   Here are some ways to help:

1.  Print this sample letter for you to give to your local grocery store manager and the corporate office.   You should include the spec sheet for Caroline’s Cart with the letter.  Encourage your friends and family members to send letters too.   The corporate office addresses for a few stores include:


  • Kroger (Regional Office)
    800 Ridge Lake Blvd Suite 100
    Memphis, TN  38120


  • Kroger (Corporate Office)
    1014 Vine Street
    Cincinati, Ohio  45202-1100


  • Wal-Mart (Corporate Office)
    702 SW 8th Street
    Bentonville, Arkansas 72716-8611


  • Target (Corporate Office)
    1000 Nicollet Mall
    Minneapolis, MN  55403


  • Fresh Market  (Corporate Office)
    628 Green Valley Road Suite 500
    Greensboro, NC     27408-7041


  • Whole Foods  (Corporate Office)
    125 Cambridge Park Dr.
    Cambridge, MA  02140


2.  You can also share Caroline’s Cart with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.

3. There is a video about Caroline’s Cart on YouTube.  Share the video with your family and friends.

The therapists, teachers and staff at Brightsong, LLC are sending letters and helping to spread the word.  Take the challenge with us and mail a letter to each of the above mentioned addresses.  With your help, we’ll see Caroline’s Cart in stores soon.


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  1. Awesome!! I’ve been procrastinating contacting companies in my local area simply from not knowing how or where to start. You have taken care of all my needs. Thank you so much! I have a grandson with CP and this is such a needed item for mothers of special needs children.
    Jane Hillis
    Hazel Green Alabama

  2. I just posted this on my FB pg for all of my special needs support group members to send corporate a msg that these new carts are much needed in all of there stores.

  3. Ohhh & thanks for making this so easy to do. U took all the guess work & searching for addresses out.


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