App Review: My Play Home

The app My Play Home is amazing!  Kids of all ages love this app and are able to use it with minimal assistance.  This app is a doll house with interactive pieces.  You can feed the people, wash the dishes, cook on the stove, swing in a tree, grow carrots, turn on music, change the music and even turn on and off the lights.  For speech therapy sessions, the following skills can be addressed while using this app:

  • Following Directions – While using this app, ask your child to follow 1 step directions (turn off the light) and 2 step directions (get the apple and feed the boy).   Provide assistance as needed.
  • Pretend Play – There are so many different things your child can do with this app.  They truly will be able to practice their pretend play skills.  They can wash and dry the people, play basketball, put the kids to bed and even blow bubbles!
  • Action Verbs – Another great things about this app is that your child will be able to talk about what the people are doing.  This allows us to target action verbs (eating, washing, swinging, etc).  While your child is using this app, ask them what the people are doing.  Encourage them to use these action verbs.
  • Pronouns – Pronouns are difficult to teach, but this app is perfect for working on the pronouns “he/she,” “his/her” and “they.”  Emphasize the pronouns while you’re talking with your child about what the people are doing and encourage them to use the pronouns in response.  For example, you might say, “Look at that boy.  He must be hungry.  What’s he doing?”  Encourage your child to say, “He is eating.”
  • Sequencing – This app also allows your child to work on sequencing skills.  For example, first we put the toothpaste on the toothbrush and then we brush our teeth!   Or, first we wash and then we dry.   There are several sequencing possibilities in a variety of settings (kitchen, bathroom, outside, etc).

This app has won several awards and it’s easy to see why.  For only $2.99, it targets several skills and allows for a variety of open ended play situations.  It’s amazing how detailed and interactive this app actually is and I’m sure you and your chid will  enjoy it!

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